Tuesday, June 11, 2013

What a Good Ad Does for You!

The ad below, for Coca-Cola, in my opinion represents a well designed advertisement. The imagery as well as the colors speak for themselves. Its message argument, as represented by the image, is how desirable and refreshing a Coke is, that even a penguin would want one. The peripheral cues include the beautiful beach scenery, the beach environment, and the comedy of the penguin not only drinking a Coke, but stealing it as well. I believe the message argument, as stated above; make the advertisement persuasive in the form of fulfilling a want to reach a satisfied stage that everyone, including a penguin, craves for. The additions of the peripheral cues give me a sense of emotion since I love the beach. Also it makes me feel as if I were to drink a Coke I would feel refreshed and as close to the beach environment as I can possible be at the moment. It is images like these that bring out my love for advertisement. The use of photography and art related features and tools in images like these are what bring out my love for advertisement.